Why, hello there sunshine.

First full day in my new city of Zurich and everything feels refreshingly new and so beautiful, in a way that is completely separate from England. The sun came out this afternoon and I took a walk with my best friend* down to the river and into the centre of town. We're staying in a temporary flat for the next couple of months until we find something more permanent. Our very cool landlord, who I'll hopefully tell you more about soon, gave us a little tour around our neighborhood this morning and there are so many places to explore. Zurich seems to be such a mash of competing ways of life... from the strictest of bankers in pinstriped suits, to the carefree girls in converse riding bikes... from the Hasidic Jews wearing incredibly high fur hats, to the boys in tracksuits eating kebabs on street corners. There is more diversity than I expected and while I've heard that the different groups in the city don't mix I'm hoping this isn't truly the case.

Just want to send out a big fat THANK YOU to everyone that has sent well wishes over Twitter, Facebook, e-mails, etc. - they have been so encouraging. Already missing everyone back home.

Wearing: vintage green hat, Madewell jersey biker jacket, Cabbages and Roses striped top, Next maxi skirt, vintage fur stole, Monki boots and American Apparel large leather clutch.

* and by 'best friend' I mean husband