who says stripes aren't flattering?

a lot of people have a love-hate relationship with stripes. we love them because they are so darn cute and appealing, but hate them because we fear they'll make us look wider than wide. whatever your feelings it's impossible to deny that they are everywhere. the classic breton stripe has been incorporated into the most exclusive designer brands (givenchy), the lowest of high street shops (pick them up in primark by the bucket loads), and every sailor-themed movie you have, or will, ever see. i ran into emily in oxford yesterday. she is one of those girls that just happens to look immaculately turned out every day. even when she says 'oh, i'm having such a bad hair day' - i can't help but think i wish my hair looked like hers on a good day. but aside from her lovely blond locks (and that enviable thick wang-esque braid) she has a great sense of style. definitely classy with a bit of a twist. a lot of people would automatically shy away from a striped body-con skirt, but emily pulls it off perfectly. with the loose draped black cardi, whimsical print scarf, and cute little bow flats she brings it straight into day and gives it a grown-up vibe. well done emily. way to show stripes can be worn in a variety of ways and that they can indeed be flattering.

all items of clothing are from Reiss (where emily works). shoes from primark and gold necklace from a jewelers in greece.