What's red & white with spots all over?

There's nothing like sub-zero temperatures to spur on the holiday infused purchases. Reindeer jumpers, fair isle knits, red coats? Bring it on. There is nothing too cliche when it comes to seasonal dressing. Just make sure you wear your Christmas infused gear with a bit of an ironic twist. No one wants to actually look like Uncle Bob circa 1987... bring your cheese up to date by mixing it with modern pieces. A dash of holiday cheer works... stone washed high waisted denim, snowflake jumpers, frizzy hair, and crocs with socks is a few steps too far though.

England is absolutely freezing (hence the red nose and clinched fists in these shots) but this gorgeous little Zara coat was just what I needed to encourage me to leave the boots and wool jumpers behind today. Wearing: Zarea red coat, Perry Ellis white shirt, American Apparel skirt, H&M spotted tights, and Mentor wedges.