what they wore: london fashion week...

Jess Cartner-Morley - Fashion editor at the Guardian
Mulberry alexa bag, velvety leopard print short sleeved jacket, layered bracelets with bird details.
Tiered cropped leather jacket, cream lace, big readers, shaggy fur jackets, floral print topshop dress, biker boots.

This girl looked so peaceful and chilled out sitting with her mom at a table waiting for the time to pass by.... wearing bright lips, old-school 80s style leather jacket, floaty cream shirt, and doc martins.
These two were pretty awesome. The guy said that he had to have his boots altered because his legs are just way too skinny... its the attention to detail that makes all the difference. He gave me his blog address but for some reason it wont open... wearing bowler hat, wang braid, chunky scarf, floral bag, dotted tights, striped socks, lace up boots, and leather jackets.
Mixing bold prints and totally pulling it off. I love her black and white striped legs and hat. She's got stripes, plaid and floral all in one look. Quite a funky style, but it looked totally natural and authentic.
This photographer was a bit caught off guard about having her photo taken... but you can't wear plaid wool harem trousers and pull them off that well and avoid having your photo taken. The print on the trousers didn't turn up but they were a really deep green and navy and were completely awesome.