What I Wore: Day 5

Well hello there. Apologies for the radio silence and for the lack of pictures from Day 5 at LFW. Turns out that after four days of madness (getting to bed at 5am, forgetting to drink any water, living off a burger a day plus the overbearing amount of adrenalin that is pumping through your body) I accidentally slept in until 4 pm. I woke up thinking that I must have missed my first show but that hopefully I'd make it in for the next one then flipped open my laptop and saw the time. I didn't anticipate fashion week would be as shattering as it has been or that I'd be as busy or as totally loopy. I attempted to do a bit too much which resulted in letting a few people down. In the future, I know only to commit to what I am really passionate about during fashion week. Early starts, late nights, deadlines for people, plus trying to post on your own blog and still get in a few hours of sleep is difficult.

With that said, I have had such a blast and wouldn't change it for the world.

But hey, always good to be reminded that you're only human.

Wearing: dress from Flying A, leather jacket by Paul & Joe & Jacey Withers necklace worn around wrist (both courtesy of HPR London) tights by Next, Monki shoes.  Just running out for the last day of fashion week (Menswear day!).

Photos taken by Jackie.