What I Wore: Day 4

How adorable are these cat print shorts? Yes, that's right cat print. They are made from really thick cotton and almost feel like a pair of denim shorts. It was such fun wearing these because everyone I spoke to would realize the print mid-converstaion and exclaim, 'that print is amazing!' or something to that effect. They were so ironically uncool that they were cool. Thought I'd dabble in a bit of print clashing and colour popping - two key trends I've noticed from LFW this year.

Wearing: leather jacket by DLUX Collections (this is the softest leather jacket I have ever felt), cat print shorts, leather  bag (which I am obsessed with now... it's so Celine) and  polka dot jumper all by Paul & Joe (courtesy of Harriet from HPR London), Next tights and vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

p.s. How did I forget to mention that I've been blogging for Next over fashion week? Check out the posts I've done for them here.