J. W. Anderson for Versace, Versus, Mesnwear, zerba print, graphic black and white, crop top, velvet

J.W. Anderson for Versace is an odd pairing. The two houses couldn't be anymore diverse; Anderson champions an androgynous look while Donatella reigns as the queen of clingy. The two came together last night though to debut the new resort 2014 collection and the outcome has left me confused. The women's collection was fine but exactly what you'd expect: lots of tight black dresses and few pops of standout colour. The men's designs, however, are nothing short of atrocious. Zebra print jeans, a bodycon dress, a white fuzzy cropped top plus a black and white geometric outfit with what looks like a one shouldered swimsuit. What were they thinking? Please, feel free to tell me if I've just completely missed the sartorial boat on this one but I'd rather hope to never see a man wearing any of these looks. I know Anderson likes to push the boundaries of men's fashion but, to me, this just looks cheap.

So tell me boys, will any of you be rushing out to buy this collaboration on June 15th?

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