Unresolved issues

Undeniably, there's something about Mary...

There are some dresses that seem to transcend reality and all sense of normality - pieces that you'd put on and they'd transport you to an entirely different world. Since I first caught glimpse, Mary Katranzou's architectural and hyperrealist prints have totally had my attention. They are mind blowingly surreal and utterly entrancing.

These dresses are paired down versions of the more abstract shapes that were shown on the catwalk last February. Luckily, there's a fashion boutique not far from my flat that stocks the originals in all their obscure glory... definitely popping in soon to see them up close. Fingers crossed they will somehow not be as painfully perfect as they look from where I'm sitting right now.

p.s. just incase you needed added convincing (ahem, Anastasia Duck)... the dresses in all their AW11 glory are below. Seriously, these babies are other-worldly and what dreams are made of.