tye dyed sweetness.

Yo little monkeys...

I normally don't do this sort of thing (featuring items that people have e-mailed me about) but this, I think, is a good exception to the rule. You see, these shoes are super sweet and totally in keeping with my recent kick to indulge in all things reminiscent of my childhood. The brand they're made by, Study Footwear, is based in LA and for each pair sold the company donates creative supplies to an inner city school. Being from southern California originally this strikes a special chord within my little heart. Not only is that great but the nice folks over at Steady Guy have offered to share some love by offering a 20% discount on everything in their online shop until the 30th of June. I thought that was pretty darn lovely and that you might just like to know about it. Personally, fancy myself a Baggu bag, white O clock watch, and tie dyed Study Drop shoes with removable bow. Yummy.

Enter crusader20 at checkout to receive 20% off at Steady Guy.