Too much of a good thing...

The Verdict
Ok, lets be honest - this is all a bit too much. The colour is really nice, but it's too much. Anyway, when was it even made? Do people wear skirt suits with long jackets like that anymore? Obviously they do - but really they shouldn't. The shape is all wrong - it's very unflattering. Plus the shoes don't go - strappy red leather platform sandals? Red leather rarely works and cheap red leather never works. So the matching shoe-bag-combo is just making the outfit more dated.
Have a tailor chop off half of that jacket. If it sat to her waist it might be more bearable. The collar is a bit big for it though - is it supposed to be outerwear? The more I look at it the more confused I get. Is she going to a wedding perhaps...? This was taken on a Saturday so it's doubtful that she's wearing this to the office. Anyway - either get rid of half the jacket or get rid of the whole thing. A neutral coloured fitted jacket would work a treat and balance out the loudness of the skirt. Also, a more tailored shoe would be more appropriate with the pencil skirt. If she wants to keep the 'funky look' she is obviously going for with the outlandish colour choices she can keep the red bag... or better yet get rid of the bag and just maybe opt for a funky pair of earings or necklace. Sort it out woman - this is wrong for a lot of reasons.