today is a good day...

here are the three reasons why: 1. london fashion week officially starts tomorrow at somerset house (pictured above). this is very exciting... i am hoping to skip over there between classes tomorrow to snap some photos of the stylish people who are actually going in to the shows. 2. today is the first official day of my recovery from the wretched stomach flu that took over my body a week ago. hooray! seriously, not fun. 3. chi-chiiiing. jackpot baby. i finally found my favourite (2nd favourite after my engagement ring) ring in the world after weeks, or maybe even months, of searching for it. a topshop cougar animal ring... haha, tacky, i know, but i love it. where was it hiding all this time? in the pocket of a handbag that i am not using anymore... sneaky little guy.
of course, there are also other reasons for it being a good day... love, life, health... the weekend is almost here? i hope it is a good day for all of you... and i am seriously happy to announce that my next post will be filled with some london street style for you. brace yourself ladies.
p.s. because i just can't resist... here a few of my favourite looks from the alexandhre herchcovitch fall 2010 show. it was inspired by countries in the former soviet bloc... there is something totally off kilter and unexpected about it, in a perfect sort of way.

p.p.s just came across these photos and had to show them. close up photos do such a better job of showing off the detail and craftsmanship... seriously this stuff is insane.

phew. no pressure there with all those cameras on you, eh? seriously... that is a lot of photographers.
(images from here & & the cobra snake)