to tache or not to tache... that is the question.

female models tend not to teeter on the edge of resembling victorian inspired men: mustaches, frizzy reckless hair, bushy eyebrows - hardly the pedestal of prestige and femininity. dame vivienne westwood, however, also tends to not follow the crowd... i don't think conformity is a word in her vocabulary. the collection was actually pretty stunning - it has been heralded as one of her strongest in recent years. plus, massive photos of female models masculinized by fake facial hair swept the covers of newspapers across the globe this weekend. hardly bad publicity. it's incredible what a little tache can achieve.
i can't help but think that she nicked the iconic crown from Where the Wild Things Are though. it looks a little too similar for my taste. i do love the collection though. the details are incredible. i wont lie, i am not an insane westwood follower (those massive emblems she brands on every accessory are a bit obnoxious) but i think this collection is pretty impressive.
(photos from here)