Tie-Dyed Denim...

The Verdict
Let's be honest, most of us don't need to be wearing tie-dyed denim. None of us need to be wearing tie-dyed skinny denim with rouched ankle detailing - that is just ugly and unflattering. The whole look is relatively permissible until you get to her ankles.... okay, I said 'relatively' permissible. But seriously, avoid elasticated ankles - it's really not a good look.
Balmain showed a lot of tie-dyed denim in their Spring/Summer 2009 collection, which started a bit of a manic following. It's okay to engage in some strange denim trends, especially in the summer when you can just throw on a little white vest and sandals and be good to go - simple, cool and not too try-hard. So take note - if you want to wear tie-dyed denim either buy a pair that exceed the thousand pound marker (and watch envious onlookers drool) or keep it simple and don't get a pair with elasticated ankles or any additional type of faff - because tie-dyed denim is loud enough on its own.