this many incredible shoes? it's Rare...

I have to give a big shout out to the incredible Almina over at Rare. She is the first PR girl I had ever met and was the first to invite me along to a press day. More than that, she's a girl after my own heart. The first time I met her she was rocking an incredible yellow Mulberry Alexa bag and gushed over my green Kate Kanzier brogues (she's been trying to get ahold of them ever since but, sadly, they've been sold out in her size). Since that first encounter we've become twitter buddies (if you too want to be my buddy just go here), she's gotten engaged, and has just bought a house next to the ocean. To top it all off she threw the Rare Autumn/Winter press day the afternoon before my final exam and promised that I could bring along my notes to study in the corner if need be. Well, my notes were definitely in my bag but there was no way I was going to be looking at them while I was there. I won't go into the whole collection now but, instead, just mention something I am very excited about. Rare have started doing shoes! Yes, that's right... girls this is something to freak out about a little. Two pairs, respectively dubbed the Almina and Jennifer (by, that's right, Almina and yours truly), have made it onto my wish list. The first is pictured above on the lovely Jazzabelle's foot and the other, my oh my the other, is an absolute stunner and I very adamantly shoved my size 38 foot into the 37 sample because there was no way I was leaving there without trying it on. I'll have to mooch a picture off someone of it to show you... I was drooling a bit too much to photograph it at the time.
Anyway, okay, all this to say that the Rare shoes (which you can spot in the background on the above photo) weren't the only incredible ones in that room on Tuesday. All the girls that had come to check out the collection were totally decked out in the coolest footwear. Check it out below... in order of appearance you've got: Abimarvel, Deepa, Jazzabelle, Saskia, and Jess.

p.s. Almina snapped my photo is an incredible Rare Opulence dress that was a teeny bit too small and utterly embarrassing (I look a bit like a streaker), but I'll show you if you want to see....?