Think anyone will notice...?

Men in London tend to fit into two categories: business men, or the young student type. The second category gets away with wearing whatever they want. But, business men normally follow a certain set of rules... you know: suits, shiny shoes, briefcases, metal watches, cuff links.

Normally. But not today. When I noticed the shiny rubber crocs in front of me waiting for their morning coffee I was surprised to see that they were on the feet of a well dressed grey pinstripe suit. That's odd, I thought. I wonder if he'll get away with that in the office?
I don't know if he was lucky enough to make it through his whole day in his plastic gardening shoes or not, but I do know that I understand wanting to wear socially unacceptable things in public every now and again.
If I had my way I would keep my snowflake flannel pjs on all day!
And I know my mom has been known to wear her slippers out in public (although that is not entirely premeditated). But, every now and again you need little comforts to make it through the day... even if that comes in the tiny form of wearing crocs with your business suit on a Thursday morning (sometimes the weekend just can't come around quick enough, right?).
So, what would you wear if you had your way?