these are a few of my favourite things...

i woke up with this song in my head.... only my favourite things aren't raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens (although brown paper packages tied up in strings can be pretty exciting). so i thought i would present to you some things that would currently make my list.
madewell black jersey biker jacket - i got this for christmas after seriously making the biggest fuss ever over it. i didn't think i was going to get it and was initially a little put off over how short the back is, but i actually adore it. and i can't wait until it gets freaking warm enough to wear it.
stretchy leather stud headband from gap - gap?! i know, right, since when does gap do amazing little studded headbands? i love it, and it was only like $5.
alternative earth white burnout t-shirt - the best t-shirt ever.
white(ish) plimsoles from payless shoes - i don't know why exactly but i love these shoes. i might just be the only person who thinks they are wonderful... and i have so many other cooler and more expensive shoes (these were $7)... but i just love these.
alexander mcqueen flapper bag - my absolute favourite bag ever.
check shirt from urban outfitters.

jigsaw cashmere boyfriend cardigan with thumbholes. seriously the coziest thing.
i've heard a lot of people talking about glasses lately. like old retro reading glasses - well i don't need glasses, but i totally love these cheetah print glasses from UO that are entirely just for fun. but personally i think fabulous nonetheless.
p.s. i have realized that i have actually not had a hair cut in 8 months. EIGHT MONTHS!! yah, that's pretty insane. i don't think i have ever gone that long since i was like, 3? anyway, this goes to show that i am horribly cheap and put things off for as long as possible. any ideas on what to get done??