London, I love you always and forever.

My recent trip to England was #insane. So many wonderful things happened and every day felt like a total whirlwind. Highlights included: staying with Charlie May and Lexxie, meeting the people behind Tank Magazine (Kim and Caroline are amaaazing. Yes, Caroline ISSA, she told me I was gorgeous and I pretty much died. I've adopted her as my mentor even though she doesn't know it yet). I discovered Shini has WAY too many shoes, went to the Nelly party, ate lots of burgers and milkshakes and managed to catch up with some of my favorite PR people including Susie at Trace, Harriet at HPR, Rachel at Shine and the stuffed bear at Varg (we had a little cuddle). I had so much fun. I got to ride a Boris Bike and roam around east London like it was nobody's business. I got lost every day. I FINALLY did some summer shopping (at Aubin & Wills) and I got to spend an afternoon with VV Brown and Nik Thakkar. Love. That was all in one week... no wonder I came back home exhausted.

This coming summer I'm doing a bit of a traveling tour. For simplicity's sake I'll keep my plans updated on this blog post. Things always tend to change last minute but at the moment this is what my summer is looking like. Also, for the record, I work freelance and have time to take on new projects... so if you want me for anything please holler this way (stylecrusderBOOKINGS at Merci. xx

p.s. long term plans for the blog include a book (which I've recently started writing) and a mentorship program. If you'd like to talk to me about either of these two things or support the cause please let me know. I'm looking for sponsors and people to work with. Kiss kiss.

June 14-24th: Zurich

June 25-30th: London

July 1-10th: Zurich

July 11-27th: Sweden

July 28-August 23rd: Zurich

August 24-28th: Copenhagen

August 29-September 12th: USA

September 13-19th: London

September 20-25th: Milan

September 26-October 3rd: Paris