the september issue...

I know I am a bit late on the whole 'September Issue' craze. I finally got around to watching it tonight, and really liked it. It's slightly painful at times - that grimace that seems to be almost permanently strewn across the 'popes' face. Nevertheless, Anna Wintour is hilarious and truly entertaining to watch. I love that she is described as not being accessible to people she doesn't need to be accessible to. It's really interesting to watch her talk about how her siblings are all involved in jobs that are more 'meaningful' than her own, and to see her daughter who refuses to be involved in the self-absorbed world of fashion and rather wants to be a lawyer (even though in one scene she is sat next to Karl Lagerfeld laughing and looking at jackets... best of both worlds, eh love?).
Grace Coddington has been heralded as the true talent behind the magazine since the movies release. She really is amazing. Lovely to watch. She's entirely different on camera than Anna. She seems to stop and sink in her surroundings, saying that she doesn't close her eyes in the car to make sure she doesn't miss any inspirational moments. Her photos are beautiful, and the pain she expresses in having her hard work whittled out of the magazine only to be replaced by celebrity images is touching. It makes me want to be more passionate about the endeavors I undertake.
My favourite moments in the film:
'My eyes are starving for beauty.' - Andre Leon Talley
'How can she think we're leaving these out?... That's the craziest thing I've heard' - Grace
44 minutes in: Grace walks by rails full of feathered garments that people are gawking over and coughs (signaling that even though feathers may be beautiful they aren't all that practical)
Anna telling the photographer that jumps in the shoot that he needs to go the gym
Grace telling him he doesn't & stopping them from airbrushing out his tummy
'It looks good on the rack...?'
I started getting and keeping American Vogue September issues in 2005. I somehow missed the 2009 edition. Apparently it was pretty low selling. But, nevertheless I only just realized I didn't get it the other day. I am a bit disappointed that I've got a gap in my collection.
Photographer whose belly Anna was unhappy about
American Vogue September 2007
I wish my tea breaks were a little more like this...
American Vogue September 2007

Compilation of Grace's modeling days
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