the real deal...

unless you have been living under a very isolated little rock, a rock that has no access to vogue or fashion-crazed girls, you will be very familiar with the current clog craze... you may even be over it already. we've got good o'l uncle karl (and his spring 2010 collection) to thank for the current wooden soled mania that is sweeping the streets of the western world, much to our wobbly ankle's demise. i can't count the number of chanel knock-offs i've seen bouncing about in recent weeks. from next to hobbs and just about every other highstreet brand in between. while their appearance and quality range in dodgyness - one thing is clear: if chanel hadn't put them down the runway most of these boys wouldn't be sitting in the shops today... and just about every girl i know wouldn't be yelping 'i just need a pair of clogs this summer!' okay okay, i'm not claiming to sit above this lagerfeld run world... i'm equally seduced by the whole trend. i just can't help but think most of the versions out there look hideously cheap and try-hard. lets face it girls, none of you are planning on spending 700 pounds on a pair of actual chanel clogs. so, take it from me. if you want to buy into this trend you'll want a decent knock-off pair and, if you have any sense, you'll want to avoid looking like your trying too hard to emulate the iconic ones that everyone knows you can't actually afford.
so, i present my solution to you: the Swedish Hasbeens. they are inspired by the unearthed footwear of a cool 1970's Stockholm fashionista. they don't look hideously out of date though because the designers have reworked the native swedish shoe into something slightly offbeat and funky while still retaining its traditional aesthetic. each season they make a few tweaks and changes and incorporate new colours. they aren't ludicrously cheap though, they will still set you back over a hundred quid - but they are hand crafted in sweden, from good quality wood and leather, and are made to last a lifetime (which is more than most the versions you'll find around can say). you may have noticed that I'm a bit partial to all things Swedish. but really, can you blame me when the country keeps releasing such beautiful items that nod just the right amount to the recent runway styles without looking like a big heap of trend-vomit?! okay okay, all this to say, that as soon as i step off the plane in sweden in june (post exams and sun on my back) i'm heading straight to the shops to pick myself up a pair of these gorgeous wooden clogs... and they are going to be fabulous and go perfectly with everything i wear this summer. after all, if they are good enough for Sarah Jessica Parker and Maggie Gyllenhaal they are good enough for me.

Swedish Hasbeens: braided sky high and the slip in - stitched. Also available at Urban Outfitters.