the random start...

1. The Brand - Quicksilver Women: their new range is stuffed full of drapey knits, unconventional silk tops, and roughed up separates. They've got a khaki parka that hasn't hit shops yet that I'm especially craving.

2. The toss up - Kitsch versus Quirky: currently feeling torn between the home sections of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The latter speaks to cravings of a more grown up retro atmosphere while the former chimes well with my inner child... seed and dirt filled grenades? Seriously cool.

3. The political issue: Christina Hendrick's body, as seen on Mad Men, has officially been endorsed by the UK government as that which British women should aspire towards. (Ah, wouldn't the men of Westminster be ever so pleased if more women looked as killer as her in a suit dress?) The statement came the same week that the NHS was advised to tell patients they are 'fat' rather than obese. Apparently the fear of being unattractive is believed to motivate a change in diet and lifestyle more effectively than a good o'l natural fear of death.

4. The length: after seeing this denim clad chick on Garance Dore's blog sporting longer length shorts my hiney-skimming cut offs are looking decidedly dated. Time for a new diy project me thinks.

5. The foodie choice: currently only drinking the 'flat white' at Starbucks - it even comes with a heart to boot.