the motherload....

totally unexpected. leather lane in london is the home to the most fabulous shoe paradise i have discovered this year. on a market street sits this beautiful little shop with blacked out windows. you would never know that inside resides a serious shoe mecca. from ballet flats, boots, brogues, loafers, killer heels, and handbags, this little shop is an absolute dream. but proceed with caution, the items are seriously addictive. they are so reasonably priced that it is so simple to persuade yourself that you need a plethora of styles and colours.
be warned: once you succumb to the power of kate kanzier you will never look back.
it's the motherload of all shoe shops... more colours and styles then you can comprehend.
'it's like a candy shop in here. i don't know where to look.'
the shop is immaculately turned out with bright fresh flowers, a clean space that clearly shows off the merchandise and cheery helpful staff that are quick to get you all the sizes you are after.
they've got enough statement heels to keep the wags happy. pick your colour... they come in every shade imaginable. heel heights are also negotiable, opt for a stacked kitten or a skyscraper if you dare.
platformed, animal print, and bright colours.

there is something for everybody. when we arrived the shop was nearly empty. there was one customer, a woman in her sixties, trying to decide whether to go for a red or black brogue. she asked jill and i our opinions. jill told her that when she looked at the red pair her whole face lit up, which it really did. she smiled, and went for the red pair. by the time we left you could hardly move, the place was absolutely crammed. teenagers all the way up to grandmas were shopping in this place. there is seriously something for everyone. whatever your taste and whatever your budget. it is a magical little shop stuffed full of the kinds of shoes that i see people wearing and assume must have either been extortionately expensive or a lucky vintage find. well, there is no longer a reason to be envious ladies... you can get it here. i can honestly say i have never had a pair of shoes that have gotten so many compliments. i bought my green luella brogues last week and every time i wear them i have people asking me where they are from. two of my friends want me to pick them up pairs next time i'm in london. but don't worry, if you don't live in the UK - they ship overseas.

if you are able to make it to the shop you can even pick up some flowers on your way out!