When I first decided to do this chalkboard paint DIY I had fancy-pants plans for this platter. I imagined it laid out with an elaborate spread of exotic cheese... instead you've got a selection of my favorite sweets. Hah. My true nature is clearly being shown.

 I couldn't be happier with the way the chalkboard paint turned out. It works really well, is easy to wipe off and has provided countless doodling opportunites. The milk jugs are definitely my favorite things. Since my husband likes full-fat milk and I prefer semi-skimmed we always need two different types. It's kind of annoying but now I don't mind since it means I can have two cute cartons in the fridge.

Photos include a painted platter, milk cartons, note book and home made air freshener (which was made by combining baking soda with lemon & lavender essential oil - it works a treat for zapping up nasty kitchen smells).