The final cut: part I.

Stripping down in sub-zero temperatures in the middle of central London this past Saturday for a photo shoot proved to be a somewhat dubious task. The first thing I was told as we stepped out was, 'It's all good but try not to look so cold.' Try not to look so cold?! It was bloody -4 degrees... how can you look anything but cold? Weather aside, it was actually such fun and I was surprised by how much I wanted to steal all the items I wore (don't worry, I didn't). I feel I've said it a hundred times, but the brand this project is for isn't a company I ever shop at. Their website isn't one I flock to in the wee hours of the night and their items don't have me skipping lattes in an effort to save pennies to put towards their clothes. But I've got to say, there are some serious little gems tucked in their collection. Hopefully this will give you a little peek into the ones that I'm now dreaming of.

All items worn by Next. Rings and leather boots my own. Thanks to Jill and Shini for the photos and to Emma for trekking out to make this happen on her Satudray.