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first class.

Operating on a measly thirty minutes of sleep, yesterday morning at St Pancreas I felt anything but the chirpy bird. Meeting time was 8am and, after the so called sleep over held at Shini's house, I felt shattered. Next isn't a store I normally shop in and I couldn't help but feel like pulling the blankets over my head and skipping the event all together. I am so glad I didn't.

[Photos: 1. Daniella, 2. flowers at Next headquarters, 3. Shini's multi-coloured nails, 4. pink drinks, 5. little preview of my styled outfit featuring a pair of leather trousers I must get my hands on, 6. Charlie,  7. Sandra's hand]

A big thanks to Next for hosting such a well run and fun event. Their new collection features some seriously gorgeous little pieces including lots of sheer white, strangely comfortable wooden platforms, and 70's inspired palazzo pants that would send any Marc Jacobs aficionado's heart racing. Also, thanks to Jenny from Jam for inviting me along to the event.