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first class.

Operating on a measly thirty minutes of sleep, yesterday morning at St Pancreas I felt anything but the chirpy bird. Meeting time was 8am and, after the so called sleep over held at Shini's house, I felt shattered. Next isn't a store I normally shop in and I couldn't help but feel like pulling the blankets over my head and skipping the event all together. I am so glad I didn't.

[Photos: 1. Daniella, 2. flowers at Next headquarters, 3. Shini's multi-coloured nails, 4. pink drinks, 5. little preview of my styled outfit featuring a pair of leather trousers I must get my hands on, 6. Charlie,  7. Sandra's hand]

A big thanks to Next for hosting such a well run and fun event. Their new collection features some seriously gorgeous little pieces including lots of sheer white, strangely comfortable wooden platforms, and 70's inspired palazzo pants that would send any Marc Jacobs aficionado's heart racing. Also, thanks to Jenny from Jam for inviting me along to the event.

Bryce Aime Spring 2011

Bryce Aime offered a mixed bag in his Spring 2011 collection. While his show, entitled Asiarama, had a clear eastern influence, there was a separation between two distinct categories: the well structured pieces and the slightly haphazard ones. For me, the true excitement lay not with the floral leggings or sorbet jerseys but with the gold speckled immaculately cut geometric pieces. Disappointingly they weren't more abundant in the collection, but when they surfaced they provided the greatest potential. The skirt and jacket combination (see photo #22) looks reptilian from the back, like the perfectly planned scales on a desert crawler. This displays the ingenious quality of Bryce that, I think, many would like to see more of, rather than the sheer draped jersey in shots #3, 5, and 11, for example. The accessories, on a side note, couldn't have been better. Also designed by Aime, the platformed geisha-esque shoes guaranteed that models maintained a slow stride while side pony tails were topped off by jauntily placed black hats, some of which could be mistaken for Chinese take-away boxes. With Janice Dickinson exclaiming, 'I want that hat!' mid-show, surely one can expect a rampant celebrity endorsement of the Japanese inspired collection.

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Day 3: London Fashion Week

Caught the Spring 2011 shows for Masha Ma and Kinder Aggugini today. Spent a lot of the day sipping vitamin water in the press lounge; it really is true that the ability to eat is sucked right out of you during fashion week. The rest of the time I shot the crazy-beautiful folk that were surrounding Somerset House.

p.s. A certain illustrious fashion editor sat in front of me at Kinder. She was wearing some wild headgear which consisted of two giant cherries planted firmly on the side of her head. I'm uploading randomly bizarre shots, like the aforementioned one, onto Facebook because I don't want to overcrowd this site with a gazillion LFW shots. So head over there to see the weird and the wonderful of fashion week.