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It would seem that summer has decided to play hookie. Since the weather is acting hormonal I've found myself drawn to Sister by Sibling's AW14 collection. Chocked full of knits, it's exactly what I want to be wearing. One piece in particular, a red jumper with a massive heart emblem, has caught my eye.

The whole collection was rather dreamy though. Some of my favorite items were the deconstructed ones. Knits were literally pulled apart and put back together by crochet. The result is a spiderwebby finish that looks most appealing when layered over bare skin. There was a white turtleneck that was torn apart in just a few places. It perfectly blends beautiful construction with age. It's like a  traditional knit you might find up in the attic of your grandmother's house. At first you're put off by the holes but then you realize they are exactly what makes it so special. I'm all for this, seeing as half of my knits have been eaten by moths. Instead of throwing them away I'm going to try to fray them up in the way Sibling has done. Hear hear for revitalizing items that should technically be thrown in the bin.

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