Sweet or Skanky?

The Verdict
When I first saw this girl I thought she looked really great. Sweet little summer dress, cool clutch, funky hair. However, it's essential to mention that when I first saw this girl someone was blocking my view of her from the waist down. Metallic leggings tucked into chunky faux-suede platforms with an oversized white summer dress: not good.
A. The dress needs to be shorter. If she was going for a rocker chic 'inspired by Balmain' sort of look she needs to be a little edgier. I am all for playing with proportions, but as is - it's too sloppy.
B. Black opaque leggings would look a little less try hard - but still not tucked into those shoes.
C. Get rid of those leggings all together and put on some flat shoes. I think that is the best option by far. The dress is long enough, and she is young enough. Some gladiator sandals would work, some menswear inspired brogues, or even some loafers (a bright colour would be best).
A, B, C or other suggestions?