summer loving...

Currently craving days spent in the park, taking photos while drinking cider with friends, braiding each others hair and staring at the vast expanse of clear blue sky... instead I'm currently feeling a wee little bit stressed. Not in a bad way, just in a 'have way too many things to do and am traveling a lot so feel slightly restless sort of way.'

I just thought it seemed only fair to acknowledge it here because, as a result of settling into some changes, posting has become a bit less regular. I've started a somewhat* real person job for a site that hasn't launched yet... but I'm excited to tell you about it once it has. In other news I'm in the process of launching my own company... also exciting, and I'll have a bit more news about that later this week too.

So, while I get a bit adjusted to all these new found things that are going on feel free to follow the madness on other various portals which seem to be getting updated a bit more than this blog, often due to their more schizophrenic random nature.




photos taken by Charlie May in London Fields earlier this month

*only somewhat because it doesn't require getting out of my Minnie Mouse pjs if I'd rather not, and surely that means they can't be entirely grown up?