asian girls always seem to be so stylish in their own individual and quirky kind of way. they really can wear the most random and bizarre things, and strangely get away with it. i know i am massively generalizing here... but nevertheless, i do think it's true. so when i stumbled across this website ( - full of cute japanese girls in insanely reasonably priced clothes - i was kind of a sucker. i've really been craving some new striped tops recently. i think it has got something to do with a subconscious inkling, that's been harboring away within me for the past month, after i saw these photos on the sartorialist in october.

Basically, stripes are just wonderful - and I've had a serious craving for them lately.
So, when I saw these two tops - both which are under a tenner, I really couldn't resist.
I have no idea what they are going to be like. They are being shipped from Japan and only come in one size. Are they going to be tiny? Oh, I really hope not.
Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me. Hopefully they will be fabulous... and, if nothing else they really just look so comfy.

p.s. i may slightly resemble a christmas candy cane in the second one - and i'm actually very excited about that.