some street style...

a few things i've been seeing around a lot lately.

gold doc martins. i haven't been seeing gold docs that often, but i have been seeing black ones. i noticed a woman that must have been in her 60s wearing a pair yesterday... and i was pretty impressed. that's pretty hardcore.

fur... it is seriously everywhere. faux or real - either way, it is taking over.

spring fever is definitely in the air. it is only february and the temperature is still pretty icy but a lot of people seem to be ready to pull out their spring gear in defiance. i love seeing floaty florals poking out from underneath winter coats...
this on the other hand i don't like so much. it is a serious pet peeve of mine. no boots and cropped jeans please ladies. it looks stupid.

colourful coats. black still dominates but i keep seeing people in bright coats... and they seem to be getting brighter.

i know her outfit is pretty low key but i still like it. black skinny jeans, green leather jacket, satchel bag, lace up brogues, bright blue scarf, and that hair. i love it.

these two guys are too adorable. i love the one on the lefts soft grey lace up shoes and classic black coat. the guy on the right is channeling such a retro vibe with his coiffed up hair, jean jacket, polo shirt buttoned all the way up and grey cardigan. love it.
what are people wearing on the streets of your neighborhood?