Snowed in...

Apologies for the lack of posts... I can honestly say I haven't left my house once since Tuesday (and then I only just made it to the shops around the corner for some much needed supplies). No, I'm not sick or depressed... rather, I flew back from the States late Monday night and was welcomed home by a foot of snow the next day. That, combined with two essays to write for next week, serious jet-lag that sees me waking up at 4pm and no actual need to leave the house... means I basically just haven't. I am taking it as a bit of a luxury... Sunday I am back at work, and Monday back to lectures in London. So, while I have got the opportunity to be a lazy butt and stay at home I am going to savor the experience.
All this to say... that this makes getting pictures of people slightly difficult. Unless of course you want to see me layered in thermals and massive socks trying to stay warm? I will admit, it's not the prettiest picture...
Instead of that unsightly sight... here are a couple left-over photos from my time in the States.

Monotone and matching. Black and white accessories... on a 2 for 1 deal? Either way, I have to admit, coordinating with your best friend is actually kind of cute here.

Oh... the sheer and utter pain of it. In no circumstance is it acceptable to wear a ragged micro-short sweatshirt material tattered skirt... okay?! And, just for the record, pairing that unflattering monstrosity that should never have been worn in public (let alone in the confines of your home) with tatty faux-ugg boots and a hoodie when it's below freezing outside is not a good idea... it looks awful and you are going to freeze your bum off. Seriously, icey air is going to shoot straight up the back of that little number... dressing comfortably does not require one to look as if they just rolled out of a dumpster.
By the way... I am not even going to mention again how unnecessary bare legs are with ugg boots - I have said it one too many times already...

I know this is a shoddy photo... I am sure you are squinting trying to make out what is on that women's legs. Let me explain... they are terribly poor fitting tapered jeans. I realize this seems to be the staple item of clothing for a large majority of individuals in the United States... harping back to the glory days when Levi 501's actually were a good idea (emphasis on the were). They really are not good. I do understood that some people can pull them off... but most pear shaped women seriously and truly can not.
Tapered jeans are not hot.
Most women's hips and thighs are significantly larger than their ankles... there is nothing wrong with that. But trying to flatter that womanly curvaceous shape by hiding it under ill fitting denim that is way too baggy everywhere down your leg until it unexpectedly decides to seranwrap around your ankles is not a good idea. Women of America take note: bin your tapered jeans and go buy some boot leg ones... we will all be better off.