sick with excitement.

As much as I'd like to act all carelessly nonchalant about the impending approach of London Fashion Week the fact is I can't help but feel a bit sick with excitement. I really never thought I'd be in a position to get to go to fashion week let alone get invited to shows. And while I know we all complain about what a hassle it is, what with all the e-mails, sleepless nights, stress of what to wear, inability to eat the whole week and blablablablabla... the fact of the matter is it's actually pretty stinking cool to be a part of fashion week. So I don't care, my secret is out. I'm excited about London Fashion Week kicking off next Friday and I actually can't wait to share the experience with you guys. Despite the fact that my little feetsies will be in constant agony for five days straight and probably swell up to the size of a watermellon (if last year is anything to go by).

As I'm sure you already know, New York Fashion Week started yesterday and, as far as I'm concerned, is the best place to follow the news on what is taking place. When I saw these images taken by Tommy Ton yesterday on the site I couldn't help but feel a wee little flutter in my heart because, after all, reigniting that simple anticipation and joy is what fashion should really be about.

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