Show Me Your Doughnut

When four dozen hot pink and purple Krispy Kreme doughnuts landed at Somerset House on the last day of fashion week people went mental. Food at fashion week? Surely everyone would shy away and nibble on their inner lip rather than be seen stuffing food into their face in public. Not so, these little babies were too good to resist and it was impossible for anyone to take themselves too seriously while biting into one.

In celebration of Glamour's 10th anniversary the magazine has teamed up with Krispy Kreme UK to produce the... wait for it... GLAMOUR Glaze which is modeled off every girl's favourite accessory: lip gloss. This limited edition doughnut is currently available at Krispy Kreme shops across the UK. It is pretty similar to a normal glazed doughnut but with a slight strawberry or black current taste. Yumm.

p.s. while they might be modeled off lipgloss I don't advise actually attempting to wear the glaze as lipgloss... a few of us tried and it was quite the messy ordeal, although, it was very tasty to lick off.

Big thanks to Remy for providing the doughnuts and Abi for picking them up.