Shopping bag chic BAGGU BAG style

I dont know about you, but as soon as the weather starts to get warm carrying a big heavy leather bag seems like the least appealing thing ever. What I want is light, easy, and breezy (which is why I bought a striped cotton one from Ikea the other day... after realizing none of my light summer bags had made it to Zurich yet). But look at these little gems! How cool are they? One part grocery store shopping bag... one part Jil Sander Market bag (sorry Jackie). They are made entirely from recycled materials and come hot off the street of NY... what's not to like, eh?

Umm... and incase you needed any more of a shocker for your mid-week lunch break - they cost £6.99

The lovely folks over at These Words Could Kill are offering 25% off all purchases made on these bags (just enter 25blog at checkout). So clickity-click on over and find your favourite Baggu Bag today, available now at SteadyGuy...

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