Current mood: un-fashun. 

I'm not entirely sure what to blame it on. Maybe it's the weather? Or the fact that Venus is in retrograde? Jk, made that up. But lately I'm feeling very un-fashion. I just want to pull on my skinny jeans, comfiest piece of cashmere and Birkenstocks. I'm refusing to wear a coat even though it's bloody cold and, after watching snowboarding all morning, I had the sudden urge to pull out this keffiyeh I bought in Egypt a few years ago. None of it makes any sense. The leopard clutch doesn't really go. Looking at these photos I don't know what I'm wearing or why. But this is where I sartorially am. Stuck in between seasons, staring into the blinding sun, waiting for the temperature to rise enough so that people quit looking at my toes in utter confusion. Yes, it's February. Yes, I'm wearing sandals.

Heading to London on Wednesday so I'm hoping that will snap me back to reality with a  jolt. Still wondering whether I should bring the Birks or not?

Wearing: Muriee jumper, 7 FAM jeans, Lilifi clutch, Birkenstocks and Timex watch.

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