Today I took the obligatory Sunday trip to the airport... errm, to buy groceries* (sadly, not to jet off anywhere exciting). Everything in Zurich is closed so, unless I feel like paying 10 quid for a bottle of milk from the shop below my flat, the only option is to head to the flughafen**. Thankfully, it's only a short trip away. So, winter seems to have come early, it's absolutely freezing outside and I'm likely to catch myself a cold because I'm still refusing to put on socks. Ha. Does anyone else find the transition away from summer as painful as I do? All I want to wear is this oversized waffle knit jumper. It's so cozy. In other news, this hat seems to be superglued to my head (much to my husband's distaste) and I like the combination of maroon, army green and navy. That's all. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Wearing: Banana Republic XL jumper (it's the only size jumper that's acceptable this time of year, I do believe), J.Crew peacoat, Zara trousers and shoes, Fjällräven backpack, and random knit hat from Tübingen.

*No, I don't normally wear heels to buy groceries - those were just special for you.

**Impressed by my German? I'm listening to some Michel Thomas learn-a-language-at-home cds - hopefully I'll be able to string together a sentence soon.