London Fashion Week is old news by now, right? You've moved onto Milan and now Paris... I'm trying to move on as well. The truth is I haven't even looked at a single show since LFW ended. I have no idea what happened at Prada, Gucci, or any other show for that matter.  I haven't touched my camera since either - that must be the longest spell of absence since I started this blog. Fashion week screws you up though man... you feel jet lagged, famished, incapable of eating, excited, exhausted, wound up, and like a recluse all at the same time. You'd have a heyday if you were a schizophrenic.

Anyway, so I wanted to introduce you to a new section on here: the photography page, located right under the header. See it? It's right there between street style and my-style. The idea is to fill it up with all sorts of images that I take throughout the week. I tend to take a lot and I don't always want to make them into a whole blog post. So, this way you can get a behind the scenes peek into what goes on outside these posts. Now, without further ado, a roundup up some of my favourite LFW moments and people.

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