Rolling in changes...

Autumn and I tend to bump heads. It always comes a bit too early and unpleasantly fast. Snatching away the last bits of warmth, it strips the trees of their leaves and slowly sucks away my tan. But, I suppose it's not so bad. When it's cold meals tend to get longer, drinks warmer, and bellies a little pudgier. I've already started spending my evenings on the couch with hot chocolate and Christmas movies... hah, I know I'm a bit early but what the heck - it's hard to resist.

When I was last in London I spent an afternoon with Charlie and Lexxie at the Albion. It's one of my favourite places to go whenever I'm in town. Despite there being a big selection of delicious sounding things on the menu I always always order the breakfast bap. It totally sums up English breakfast for me and you can't get anything like it in Switzerland.

Outfit photos by Lexxie. Wearing: Charlie's Burberry mac and hat. Topshop jumper, boots, and burgundy jeans. American Apparel bag.

p.s. I've been trying to make some changes to the blog (font/slider etc) if you have any thoughts (positive or negative) please let me know.