Right Now.

Perception of the 'now' is always something I've found a bit surreal. In a crowded place where hoards of people are passing, each experiences a wholly unique moment and conception of what is taking place. At the risk of straying into unfamiliar and potentially undesirable territory, I can't help but link this to what is taking place in Cairo right now. It's a place that is pretty close to my heart. I spent a bulky chunk of my childhood in the city and currently my parents live there. The people of Egypt call for a rally that will bring one million people into the city's Tahrir Square today and surely this moment exemplifies the stark contrast of how a single day can be perceived. President Hosni Mubarak's thirty year rule overshadows a whole generation's perception of Egypt, as many have never seen their country governed by any other man. It is without doubt that he loathes what is taking place on the streets today, as the people he has managed to squish under his shoe for so many years have pushed their way out. Many, unafraid for the first time to openly question their leader. This, I think, is a new conception of 'now' for the country and its people: one that will hopefully stay alive regardless of what government comes or stays in power.

In an effort to show what is taking place right now around the world Samsung have launched The Now Project on Facebook. You can upload photos, edit them with the software available on the page, and then link them to your current location. The images that receive the most votes will be displayed at the London Design Museum in March. Head over to The Now Project to enter. Images taken from The Now Project as sponsored by Samsung. Left images by Frances and Daniella. Right images my own.