Rerum cognoscere causas...


Graduations are a funny thing. In England they tend to take place months after you've actually finished studying and, as of late, attempt to ease you into an economic climate wherein your newly gained academic qualifications fail to secure you a job. Regardless, they're an excuse to get a new dress and soak up the glory of your hard earned achievements. Ah, which I both did with immense pleasure. Today I rather shakily took to the stage to collect my degree and then roamed around Covent Garden and Knightsbridge. The shakes were due to my unsteady shoes but thankfully I managed to avoid toppling forward. The LSE school motto translates 'to know the causes of things'. Whatever great philosophical perspective I might have gained from my year there, one thing still escapes me: why I insist on repeatedly buying shoes I can barely walk in.

Wearing: Cos dress, Hue tights, Zara shoes, and Mulberry for Target bag. Thanks to the one-handed-photographer for these shots.

p.s. have put some slightly geeky photos of me dressed up in my graduation gear over on my Facebook group.