reds, dots, and cashmere socks....

when i saw patrick and rachel the first thing i noticed was reds. red hat, red belt, red cords... and they just so happened to be coming out of a little red car. pretty adorable, and perfectly fitting as valentines day is just around the corner. the next thing i noticed was their cheeky little attitudes... but we'll get on to that later. i adore their look. there is something very old english gentleman and lady about it... her hat, his very thick cords, her sweet little polka dot dress, their glasses. a very fresh and different look than i have been seeing lately.
they were a little caught off guard about having their photo taken... patrick was loving it but rachel was a little more hesitant. i think he helped ease her into it with his crazy antics.
they are both doctors and they are engaged. it was so blatantly obvious that they were insanely in love... it was pretty hilarious actually. i asked them to tell me something about what they were wearing. she said, 'this dress is a size 18! but i just loved the polka dots!' and he said, 'i have on cashmere socks that were originally 40 pounds... but i got them for 8' (in a very triumphant voice). that's what we like... a man who knows a good bargain.

rachel just looks so lovely. i love the whole black, white and red combo. i don't know if it was intentional or not... but the hat with the little bow in it, the dress with the red belt, the black flecked coat. it all just really works and looks so perfect on her. i am so used to people looking so grubby and unkempt... i think her look is a breath of fresh air. actually... both of them were a breath of fresh air.