Put a train on it.

Since when did the train get primarily associated with wedding dresses? If the Royal Wedding has taught us anything it's that we ought to embrace this little bit of extra fabric that dangles from the backside.

I found myself unexpectedly overexcited this morning, squeezed next to Daniella and Jackie under a duvet with a burning laptop on my legs while watching the BBC stream live... but it really was sort of hard to resist. How freaking gorgeous did our new Duchess of Cambridge look all covered in lace designed by the achingly cool Sarah Burton? I'm all about pageantry especially if it comes in form of an Alexander McQueen dress. Even though I didn't manage to get my hands on a Kate and Will flag or bother to make the trek down to Hyde Park to stand and watch the carriages go by... I'll support the wedding by rocking a little baby train on the back of my dress. Personally, I think it's the way forward for summer dressing.

Wearing: Acne Black Darling Dress and Moschino Cheap & Chic belt (My Wardrobe), black Converse, and YSL Arty ring.

Photos by Kit Lee.