People watching at Paddington

I am not a fan of pink suits. Although, it's nice to see some colour in the otherwise black parade of clothes at the minute. Regardless of my cravings for colour though I still think this is ugly. Pepto bismol anyone? Plus skirts that length are generally pretty unflattering.

The invisible mac.

These boots are giving me the willies. They look they they should be worn by an evil villain. The toe is too pointy and the heel is too spiky.

I like these shoes.
Everyone has an eco friendly extra bag these days, I would be lost and trying to lug around way too many spare things that don't fit in my normal bag if I didn't have mine.

Bare legs, long boots, short skirt. Not hot.

You don't see long coats that often, especially not camel ones. Maybe it's because they show creases so badly?

Turquoise outerwear and big earphones.

Green ballet flats and ripped up tights.

This lady is totally rocking that trench.
But, it always looks funny when people wear ridiculously high heels and try to cart around massive pieces of luggage.

Very cool little fold down bike, and plaid shirts with puffy vests.