Partners in Crime

The Verdict
I have seen this look a lot... about five years ago every other Orange County girl in California was rocking it - Ugg Boots and short jean skirts. Well, it was bad then and it's not any better now.
I can excuse this look if your:
A) A genuine surfer. Maaaaybe you would wear Ugg boots when you've just come out of the water (even though I have never seen this being done... but lets just pretend for the sake of argument)
B) Caught in a moment of panic and just happen to put it on - aka. the fire alarm has gone off, or you are running to the shops to pick up some sugar that you forgot... and you were blind.
But, it's un-excusable when it is worn as a well thought out fashion statement, because lets be honest - it's really not.
Leave the boots at home.
If you can wear shorts then you really don't need fur lined boots on for warmth... plus, there are enough cold and miserable days in England, so save the boots for when you really need them.
(Also, I'm not mad for those jean shorts or that faux-wripped up black jersey skirt.... but we can overlook that today.)