Ooo, la la, Paris Fashion Week... how wonderful you were.

Before the Valentino show I overheard a man whispering to two women. 'This is the bloggers catwalk,' he sneered as he pointed down at the white plastic sheet that had been laid out across the wet gravel. Actually, it's the unavoidable path for anyone going to a show in the Tuileries. The bizarre thing is, no matter how important you are your car still has to let you out a short trek away from the venue's entrance which means everyone gets the pleasure of strutting their stuff down the white tarp. Photographers swarm around at the sides waiting for their prey and the perfect moment to pounce.

Here's a little selection of shots that haven't made it up anywhere but that I love a little.

p.s. I'm now desperate for a kilt that I can layer over slouchy jeans, and a clutch like Susie's that has a little hand strap.