Only in England...

The Verdict
Very bad. These 16 year old girls look like they are seriously up to no good, and this was taken at 6pm on a Monday. I dread to think what they look like at 11pm on a Saturday. Too short, too skimpy, too high, too ratty... too much of all the wrong things, and not enough of the right ones.
Girls, have a little sense of self worth. You don't need to dress like this to get attention. Brush your hair, put on some flats, you've got your whole life to wear high heels... save 'em for a time more appropriate than a monday evening at burger king - after all, I can't imagine any other place that will be letting you through their front door. Oh, and if its warm enough to wear a strappy top than don't wear tights (especially not 'nude' coloured ones that don't match your skin tone - but that's a no-no at any age).
Parents, get a clue about what your kids are wearing out. This is not okay.