On being neutral

Lately I've felt really drawn to the idea of wearing winter whites. It's way too easy to get sucked into the appeal of dark colours at this time of year - I think I wore the combination of dark skinny jeans and a grey jumper for about two weeks straight at the end of October. Buying this jumper made me want to wear soft milky colours. Luckily, Lexxie let me raid her closet and I found this skirt. It wraps around and has a slit at the front and back. Thank God for 100 denier tights - I'm sure I accidentally flashed the world a couple of times when the wind blew. Wearing this made me realize I have a huge gaping hole in my wardrobe when it comes to bottoms - all I really ever wear are jeans. Currently have my eye on this T by Alexander Wang skirt - ooooh, it's so good.

Wearing: Topshop knitted rib chunky jumper, Ann Demeulemeester skirt, Topshop ambush boots and LiLiFi bag.

Photos by Charlie.