Not trash.

I learnt a lesson on this day: never leave your drink on the ground and walk away to take photos... durrr. It was so hot and the only refuge on this little wee island that the Statue of Liberty sat on was my huge Coke that I waited hours in line to get. And then, just like that, a little man came and tossed it into the bin. Oh, the misery. This incident is what caused my grumpy face in the second to last shot... it's not because I hate taking photos for you guys (I hate people who throw away my drinks).

Anyway, this dress is freaking awesome - especially on a hot day. The side vents let in a kick-butt breeze and the back blows up in the wind. Plus, the print is pretty cute and I'm currently digging the high-front-low-back style.

Wearing: UO dress, Hanky Panky bandeau, Rainbow sandals, Half N' Half One Language bag, and Super sunglasses.