Not a plastic bag.

The Jil Sander Market bag has become a crazy sensation in the fashion world. When I first started spotting it on street style blogs I wondered what would ever cause someone to buy it... surely it's just an orange plastic bag, right? I can pop down to Sainsburys and get the exact same thing.* It wasn't until I saw it in person, felt how heavy the plastic was, saw how it hung so perfectly off Jackie's arm that I realized why this bag has become such a huge hit. It encapsulates everything that is right about Spring Summer 2011. Minimal, bright, understated, and just a little bit ironic. The Jil Sander SS 2011 collection (filled with simple white round neck t-shirts and floor skimming skirts in hot pinks) was the best show of the season. It was the most revolutionary and the most inspiring.

Is paying £90 to have a bit of that phenomenon silly if it comes in the form of a bag that could be mistaken for one you'd get at the grocery store?

* Okay, maybe not the exact same thing if it's covered in 'Sainsburys' logos.