'my clogs arrived, my clogs arrived!'

after waiting for almost 2 weeks for my swedish clogs to arrive they finally landed down in my living room yesterday. way more comfortable to wear than i expected, my only criticism would be the slight sauna sensation that started to develop around my feet after hours of walking around town. never-mind though, that certainly is not a reason to put me off of them. i decided to go for this very traditional version, as opposed to all the more fancy high heeled and studded varieties that are everywhere. although the clog trend already feels slightly overdone, i realized today (while people kept staring at my feet) that they haven't trickled down to mainstream street style yet. i know people who have bought pairs but none that actually wear them. this is because they always complain that the versions they purchased are too high and too difficult to walk in (especially on the cobblestone roads in oxford). with this said, i'm totally chuffed about the pair that i got. i will upload more detailed shots later and will include info on where you can find them - they are from some very random swedish site that my husband found and were a real bargain. thanks mr crusader! i love them.
Wearing: Rare ditsy print top, Urban Outfitters pull on jeans, Alexander McQueen bag, Swedish Clogs, Chanel Blue Satin nail polish - they I got as a birthday present from the gorgeous Jackie of platform princess. (thanks my love!)
p.s. did you notice? i'm officially thestylecrusader.com now!